Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indians Life Style

Today I was talking to some women at work. Then I realized most South Indian's life style is more or less the same.
They all do the same things.
Husbands work in some development/programming job, either JAVA, SAP or Data Warehousing.
Most Indian wife's are QA. No need to even ask what they do. And most of them work for the big fish companies like IBM, CISCO, Microsoft.
You must have also heard things like, 'Costco Membership', 'Taking food from home','Cutting fruits by buying in bulk rather than buying fresh cut fruits', 'Managing with one car'.

Taking a bus transportation to work. If we only talk about women, most of them marry the guy showed by parents. When they get settled after marriage, most of them behave the same way.
Cook the favorite food of husbands most times. Have a Vonage connection at home and talk to the parents in India often.
If kids are born, then also make the kids talk to them in India.

No offense ladies..! This is just my finding. Dont you agree with me??

After sometime, I feel that all Indians will walk and talk the same way. Only the way they look will be different. But all are like Identical twins..!

P.S: If you ask me why I posted Katrina's wallpaper. Well because I couldnt find any other one..:)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Smile..Girl!! Life has its ups and downs..

Smile girl..the thing that made ppl fall in love with you! The one thing that keeps you happy. The one thing thats your strength. The winsome smile that got you selected in so many interviews, Yes Get it again!

Cry for 1 minute and Smile for the rest of the time. As you grow up,the cry time should decrease and smile time should increase. As you grow up, you learn to accept more things with a smile!

Even if life treats you with various challenges, find your reason to smile, find the one reason to keep you happy. Dont lose yourself totally!!!

Picture the 'Happy' you and just try to be! I know its not easy but atleast you can try!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Memories...Memories..will they ever end?

Friends make memories and memories stay forever. Especially when your memory power is soo good, you can even remember the scene from past where you were riding a bus and suddenly had a flat tire or when you last time had pani puri.
Or the last time you went to DisneyLand.
Memory is like an index in the mind.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things that influence us so much..

We meet different people in life who do different things and talk to you about them. I am a person who want to always try something new. Be it anything. And if I like it, it will stay with me forever.
Sai Baba has a great influence on my life. As a kid, I was never into Baba. But today, I can proudly say that I am a great disciple of Baba. I can drive miles of distance just for his visit.
I can make a huge meal just for giving to Baba. When I read his aarathi, I feel so peaceful, that I cant describe how it feels.
And when I visit his temple, I dont know if its Marble floors or if its white walls and white Baba's statue. People say white stands for peace. But only if peaceful people wear white, it looks peaceful, otherwise it isnt. Baba's demeanor and cool composition suits the white color. It adds to his peace.

When I get tensed in life, I know that Baba is still in my thoughts, then that means he is with me. That gives me so much strength. I am not alone.

I feel the company of a good friend,a belief in something that keeps you at peace is necessary in life.

Life has no meaning without these. A friend who is with you through the kith and kin of life and who doesnt judge you for what you are.
And God who gives you the same amount of unlimited peace everytime you read his Aarathi is just precious.

Keep the beliefs and keep the good friends who trust you. Believe in yourself. Devote atleast 1 hour for God in a week where you dont think about anything.

Don't forget that God is equally important in life. Just like we brush our teeth, eat lunch and dinner.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Done for the day!

I am done for the day when I am looking at the clock constantly to hit 5pm.
I am done for the day when I want to browse facebook or orkut.
I am done for the day when I yawn!
I am done for the day when I keep looking at the phone to see if I had a missed call or if someone is calling.
I am done for the day if I start planning what to cook for dinner tonight :).

Dhokla Disaster!!

ok..so..my dhokla today turned out to be a dhoka!

I was successful in making GITS kheer but GITS didnt provide good instructions for DHOKLA!!
After seeing Manjula on youtube. I realized that the batter should be creamy but not watery like I got.
So, I gave up my trials as I wasted 2 hours already.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Mumbai Memories...

Hi guys, Do any of you remember the typical scene in India where Taxi drivers sleep in the driver's seat like when they dont get customers around 3 or 4pm in the afternoon everyday.
I saw this infront of my office building in U.S actually, so it made me nostalgic.
In India, we see this so often. Then we wake up the driver and he takes us to wherever we wanted to go.

Speaking of Taxi Drivers, I remember a trip of mine in Mumbai, we had only 5 hours halt in Mumbai Airport, we requested a taxi to tour us around Mumbai city without stepping out.
So, he drove us around various places like Chowpati beach, Band Stand(where many celebs have their houses) and also he showed us the house of Lata Mangeshkar in the heart of Mumbai.

The Mumbai heat,hustle and bustle of the population. I dont know a single person on the road but I felt very happy to see so many different kinds of people. You can find ladies who are extremely traditional and ladies wearing a tank top and shorts travelling in the same bus. Its interesting.
If you are feeling hot, have something chilled like cool masala corn or fresh fruit juice.
The grinder might be broken but the shopkeeper will create juice in 'some' way which we dont know. All we know is how tasty it is. Once I gave 100Rs and drank juices of all fruits, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Mosambi, Sapota and Sitaphal juice.

And we asked taxi driver to take us for lunch and he took us to the best fast-food place, we ate chinese fried rice and also pav bhaji.

Oh and I cant forget the tea I had infront of World Trade Center, Mumbai. Sooo delicious!

At the end of the day, we were so filled with the places as well as the food and the customerservice of the guy, we gave him 500Rs tip just for his kind heart!!

Well, we cant pay price for kindness, its invaluble!!

This is sappu signing off....

I will come back with another sweet memory of mine from India!

Till then keep rocking and rolling(I copied this from many anchors in Indian TVs).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whats on my mind? Shoes, lipstick, eye shodow..

Life keeps changing and you need to find new favorites. Today while I was in the elevator, lots of random thoughts came to me.

Different people come and go. Each has their own story of life. The first thing I do is observe their dressing(by now you know I am a typical woman :)).One has aqua-blue nail polish,(my new favorite). I am going to get one soon.
Have seen a lot of women, One has a great body, I wonder when I will have one.

One was in nicely fitted pants that suit their body. Well, her body is perfect, hence the pants were perfect. And nice shoes. When my mind was talking to me whenever I am walking or in the elevator, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw from 'Sex and the City'.

The quest to be a perfect woman never ends.

Mind has something or the other all the time. The only time when my mind stops thinking is when I am listening to a song.

My new food indulgence-Butter Biscuit

My new indulgence-Butter Biscuit at Cafe Big Apple, GA. Previously, I was fond of a place called Emerald Coast where they had BlueBerry muffin which was so fluffy.
Now its changed to butter biscuit.

I met another chinese lady who is sweet after the one at Blimpie. Cafe Big Apple has breakfast every morning till 10:30am. Everyday I get free at 11 and go there just to eat their biscuit. Thats how passionate I get if I like something.

There were some days where she didnt have any biscuit left by the time I go.
But recently when I went, she started saving a biscuit for me as she knows how crazy I am. Its interesting that she cares about me so much. I am just a stranger. But it was nice of her to do that.

I sometimes feel, when you want to get something with all your wish in the heart, God makes sure you get it someway.

Wherever I go, I find a new indulgence so that I wont miss the old one :)